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Foxy Naru Plushie

Foxy Naru Plushie

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20 CM Premium stuffed Plushie! 🦊

( What’s a premium stuffed plushie? It’s SUPER firm compared to regular anime plushies 🤫 The firmer it is the more made with love it was )

Option “Genin” will come with two sets of outfits (ninja & foxy) and an adoption certificate.

Option Jounin will come with two sets of outfits (ninja & lavender bunny) adoption certificate & a two inch chibi pin shown in last slide.

All plushies and clothes are handmade and will never look exactly the same to eachother. Each is unique and may come with minimal issues due the nature of this product so please take this into consideration before purchasing.


  • Finish the adoption process by signing your name on their adoption certificate!! You can also leave me a note in your order if you’d like us to sign a specific name too.
  •  Be gentle when changing their clothes, especially with zippers.
  • If any clothes or the plushie itself has a loose string DO NOT TUG, snip it away with scissors to prevent the seam from opening up.
  • Take them out regularly for some vitamin d ☀️
  • Give them daily hugs for good luck 🍀 
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