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Diablita V4

Diablita V4

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3 inch • Hard enamel • Gold plating 

Will come with red glitter accents, and silk printed details. 

LE50 (25 Preorder spots available)

By ordering this PS item you are agreeing to receiving “the best of the batch” pin. My manufacture has been great with sending quality items but sometimes there may be slip ups and I’m sent a rough batch and just enough standard grade pins to fulfill PS orders. Defects can include usually one of the following - tiny markings on enamel, smalls bits of anodized metal, small areas of overfilled enamel, etc. If there are any major defects like 3 or more of the above or bigger defects partial refunds ($2-5 depending on price) will be given. 

status: sample has been approved / mass production has begun 

ETA: late nov 2023 🤞🏽

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