Shop Policy


As A pin maker, I try my very hardest to ensure that the end result of an enamel pin looks as closest to the artwork as possible. I ensure this by getting samples made for most of my more intricate enamel pins and picking out the correct pantones for each color, myself. Unfortunately not every color, effect, line or cutout can make it onto the enamel pin sometimes. You run this risk by preordering, thus getting a small discount for it.

Preorders are a way to claim a pin at a discounted price without the hassle and stress that in-hand drops may bring. Funds made through preorders are immediately sent to my Manufacture to get artwork proof made and to start production on my items. 

I do not offer refunds or exchanges on ANY preorder items after funds have been sent to my manufacturer unless stated. I order a certain amount based on interest or amount ordered. If there are any issues with the enamel pins themselves such as a pantone or sizing issue (made in a wrong size other than the one stated during presales) that will be seen as an exception, in which I will contact customers via email.

In VERY rare cases I will give out refunds on preorder items but you run the risk of getting any other presale orders made refunded, so please be cautious and only buy what you intend to wait on to be made. You will only be allowed to participate in "in-hand drops" and blacklisted from preordering.

Preorder enamel pins may take anywhere up to 3-5 months, 6 months worse case scenario. 


Grading System 

Enamel pins are handmade and may come with subjective flaws that each Pin maker decides a grading scale in which their enamel pins will be sold. It is your job as the customer to inform yourself of my grading scale before purchasing anything from my store. Here is how I go about grading my own.

A GRADE : Little to no flaws that can be seen from arm's reach or at an angle. If any flaws, they may consist of less 1-2 tiny dots in enamel or effects. Light scratches, minor plating issues and small overfill/underfilled enamel areas, 1-2 bubbles in any stained glass effect or soft enamel epoxy pins.
B GRADE: Very noticeable imperfections such as missing enamel, huge underfilled/overfilled enamel, dots on the character's faces, missing screenprint. 

Each batch of enamel pins may come with different defects. Some may not be listed above. If some are still minor enough to pass as an A grade, I will always try my best to let customers know of them ahead of time on my IG stories or on the listings themselves in the description.

When ordering any enamel pins from my website you may not list/request things in the notes section such as "I ordered a B grade but send one without defects on face" or "May I get the best A grade" If my grading is not up to your standard then I recommend buying elsewhere, any orders with requests made of this kind will be refunded.

Lastly, If you by any chance receive an enamel pin that you think does not pass as an A grade based on my grading scale, PLEASE reach out to me! I'm human and a one woman show and make mistakes that I can gladly fix for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via Email ( with your order number and pictures attached.